Let Shades of Gray Wash Dirt and Grime Off of Your Building

Schedule our power washing services to clean your building in Batavia & Cheektowaga, NY

Is your property covered in dirt, mildew or algae? You can wash all of that away without lifting a finger when you work with Shades of Gray. We offer comprehensive power washing services in or around the Batavia, NY area.

We can clean your:

Cedar siding
Log siding
Vinyl siding
Concrete features
Stone features and siding

Contact us right away to schedule commercial or house washing services. We'll come to your home or business at your convenience.

Dealing with stubborn rust stains?

Dealing with stubborn rust stains?

Rust stains can form on any outdoor surface, including vinyl and concrete surfaces, that are close to a metal item. If you've already tried to remove the rust stains, you know it's difficult. Fortunately, our power washing services can get rid of your rust marks for you.

Call 585-615-4104 now to discuss business or house washing with our team. We'll do everything we can to blast away your stubborn rust stains.